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Physics Study Program

Major Physics belongs to the University's Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences The State of Surabaya which occupies buildings C2 and C3. The Department of Physics has two The Study Programs are S1 Physics Education and S1 Physics. Undergraduate Study Program Physics has been recorded since July 7, 1996 (based on No. SK Establishment 247/DIKTI/KEP/1996 dated July 7, 1996). Physics Study Program is located in the Department of Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University The State of Surabaya, which is located on the Unesa Ketintang campus. The Department of Physics has produce graduates who are competent and excel in their fields. That matter cannot be separated from the role of expert lecturers, laboratory assistants and staff experienced administration. The learning system that has changed and innovation to adapt to the times to increase the competitiveness of alumni Physics major. Study Program Physics is an undergraduate study program that is taken for 8 semesters by applying the system learning both offline and online. All offline activities take place at Ketintang Surabaya Campus. Offline learning activities are supported by various equipment such as whiteboards, LCD projectors etc. While in terms of online, you can use the Vinesa learning portal (https://vinesa.unesa.ac.id). For business academic and administrative have been connected in an integrated manner in a single portal sign on (https://sso.unesa.ac.id ). The purpose of this Physics Study Program is to produce graduates who are able to think critical and creative in solving problems in their field, innovating, superior character, entrepreneurial spirit, and environmentally friendly.